Grow your dance school with DeepenDance App

DeepenDance helps and supports you in the management of your dance academy. It provides to your students all the tools they need to grow during their studying paths


Together, towards your goals

DeepenDance is an app for dance academies designed to bring your school on a higher level allowing you to amaze your students with a unique teaching experience
more control for your dance school

At any time you will be in control of everything that happens in your school. Registration, courses, events, all in one app!

students more engaged in your school

Everyone will feel like being part of the school and this will help to create a warm and welcoming environment

more satisfied students in your dance school

Your students will feel more followed and there is nothing better than a satisfied student who recommend your school to a friend

in direct contact with your students

Your students will no longer lose any updates on class schedules and other information about courses or events

more time to devote to the growth of your school

You will be able to easily delegate tasks to staff members and your teachers, saving time, which you can dedicate to your business

a powerful marketing tool for your dance school

You can send targeted notifications to your students with the certainty that they will not be ignored or filtered by the increasingly crowded social networks

How it works

DeepenDance is for all people attending a dance school. The school manager creates the account and adds staff members, teachers and students who can use the app and discover the features and benefits reserved for them
School Manager


Sign-in and you will create the DeepenDance profile of your dance studio

Set up your Team

In order to manage a dance school you need professionals. Add teachers, staff members or administrators. It's like in the reality

Your academy takes shape

Teachers create their courses and the staff manages enrolments and subscriptions. Suddenly you will have a snapshot of your academy, right into your smartphone

Manage your business

Govern everything that happens within your academy. Statistics and summary pages will help you to understand what your students need

Informations that matters

Take care of enrolments and subscriptions by managing only the informations that really matters. No bureaucracy

check-in easy like taking a picture

Scan the code on your student smartphone and instantly get all the informations about his subscriptions status and the lessons that he can take


Send real time notices to your team, your students and teachers. Your messages will be no longer ignored and will not be lost between the noise of social networks

Dancing, your job

Collect the program of your courses in one place, extend them, refine them and use them to create new and better courses


Automatically creates the schedule of your lessons and then do what matters most to you, dancing

connected with your students

Keep your students updated on course variations with automatic notifications, receive feedback on completed lessons and courses. Growing together, improving together

made for dancing

Organize and share events, contests, parties, workshops. No more word of mouth, the word of mouth is here

inside the lesson

Display all the informations of your courses and take notes of them. No more excuses ;-)

remember everything

Keep up to date with notifications on lessons, events and expiring subscriptions and free your mind to remember her name... what's her name??

one academy, one home

Use your code to get in, monitor your progress, make friends, join events, you have everything you need to live a unique experience

a growing passion

Practise, set goals, reach them and climb the academy rankings!

See the features in detail
public profile of the dance school

Promote your school and your events

Fill in the public profile of your school, add all the contact informations, the dance styles, the location of your school, the course schedule and the offers reserved the new students.

Once published, the profile will be visible to all people who will look for a dance school into your city on DeepenDance.

You can also create public events in order to promote yuor activities to an ever-expanding audience.

Published events can be easly found by city. No need to be registered users, anyone can see them.

What you can do

Many features studied together with the dance schools. All contained in your smartphone and accessible from the browser!

For dance school managers
  • School public profile creation
  • Public events creation
  • Role management of staff members and teachers
  • Income and expences registration
  • Budget management
  • Work reports
  • Pay calculation
  • Receipts
  • Real time notifications with reading confirmation
For staff members
  • Enrollments and subscriptions management
  • Subscription packages creation
  • Students check-in
  • Events creation
  • Reservations
Advanced statistics
  • Course attendance
  • Students subscriptions status
  • Events earnings
  • Enrollments status
  • Reports and PDF/CSV export
For dance teachers
  • Course and lessons management
  • Teaching programs creation
For students
  • Notifications on subscriptions and courses status
  • Social profile and features
  • Lessons and notes management
For not registered users
  • Nearby school and dance events search


DeepenDance requires a monthly subscription that will be payed only by the school owner, this will allow all staff members, teachers and students, free use of the app and all its features. It is possible to choose between 3 offers
  • All DeepenDance features
  • Students with active subscriptions: 50
  • Team Management: no
9 €
per month
90 € per year
  • All DeepenDance features
  • Students with active subscriptions: 200
  • Team Management: yes
19 €
per month
190 € per year
  • All DeepenDance features
  • Students with active subscriptions: unlimited
  • Team Management: yes
49 €
per month
490 € per year
Who are the students with active subscriptions?
They are students who have subscriptions that are not expired. For example, if you have 500 students enrolled but only 200 have subscriptions not expired, the app will consider only those 200 students
What is the team?
The team consists of all those people who are not students but who work inside your dance school, that is, staff members, teachers and other people you have entrusted with the role of administrators
And after the trial period?
After the trial period you can, without any restrictions, decide whether to continue using the app by renewing the plan, or simply let the subscription expire
Each plan includes a free 30-day trial period during which you can test all the features of DeepenDance
Don't you know which offer is right for you? Check out our FAQ!
Do you need a custom offer? Contact us!

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