Management Software


Add students to your school and they also will be able to access DeepenDance.

Manage their subscriptions, monitor deadlines and keep their personal details up-to-date.

Consult statistics to understand what they want and keep their level of satisfaction high.


Check the status of expiring and expired subscriptions.

Create and manage subscription packages to save time during students enrolments.


Add team members to your school and assign them the role that best suits their activities.

You can choose between "admin", "staff" and "teacher".

For each of these roles you can choose in detail which features of DeepenDance they can access.


Create courses and assign them to the teachers at your school.

You can use pre-defined teaching programs or let DeepenDance automatically generate the lesson calendar.

Consult advanced statistics on the attendance of each course and for each enrolled student check the status of his subscription.

Send targeted messages to contact students with expired or expiring subscriptions.

Budget Management

Manage your school budget by registering income and expenses.

Administrators and staff members can download receipts for payment of subscription fees.

Students will also have access to their own receipts, allowing you to manage everything without having to print them.

Work Hours and pay

Record work hours for your team members.

Calculate their pay by defining the hourly rate and the relevant period.

Download the PDF with the details of the pay and register the expense item to your school budget.

Lessons and Pay

Calculate the pay of each teacher based on the number of students attending his lessons.

For the calculation it is possible to choose a fixed value for each attendance in a class or it can be automatically extracted by dividing the cost of the subscription by the number of lessons that the student can attend.


Manage your courses reservations quickly and easily.

For each course you can decide if an active subscription is required, how long before the lesson time a reservation can be canceled, how many reservations a student can request per week, if a confirmation by the staff is required.

Your students will have the calendar of the classes that can be reserved and they will be able to check the status of their own reservations.

Social Network


Each students can use his own profile to view his score, statistics on events and courses attended, the likes received.

On the profile of each teacher it is possible to consult the statistics on the courses held and the feedback collected.

Profiles are public for all students registered in the same school.

School Ranking

By participating in school activities, each student collects points.

Based on the students score, the school ranking of the top 20 students is drawn up.

You can use the ranking to reward them and enhance their commitment.


Communicate with your students and your team members effectively.

Send messages in real time to contact students with expired subscriptions or to inform them about your school activities.

Request a reading confirmation to make sure your message has been read.

DeepenDance will send automatic messages for the expiration of subscriptions, for the publishing of new events, for the modification of reservations and courses.


Plan and share events, contests, parties, workshops.

Keep your students up-to-date with automatic notifications every time a new event is created.


School Profile

Fill in the public profile of your school, enter all the information to contact you, the dance styles, the school location, the courses with their schedules and the offers reserved for new students.

Once published, the profile will be visible to all people who will download DeepenDance and look for a dance school in your city.

Public Events

Every school event can be made public to promote your activities to an ever-widening audience.

Public events will be easily found by city and will also be visible to unregistered users.